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We can provide consulting services, regarding your transportation and Supply Chain requirements. International market knowledge and awareness of local business environments and political conditions are available in order to support you efficiently in a global environment view. Local staff, experienced in business analysis are available to guide you to the most efficient way of managing the product movement both domestic and international.

Commercial Documentation

Aster Logistics can meet most commercial documentation requirements, for example:


  • Commercial Invoices

  • Packing Lists

  • Pro-forma Invoices

Carrier Documentation

Aster Logistics can provide the following  carrier documentation services:


  • Airway Bills (House and Airline)

  • Ocean Bills (House and Ocean)

  • Truck Bills of Lading

  • Forwarder Cargo Receipt (FCR)

Government Documentation

Aster Logistics can provide the following legal or government documentation requirements:


  • Export Declarations 

  • Consular Invoices

  • Certificates of Origin

  • Carnets

  • Certificates of Insurance

  • Special Documentary Requirements of individual countries

Banking Documentation

Aster Logistics can provide the following bank documentation services:


  • Letters of Credit

  • Sight Drafts

Specialty Requirements

Aster Logistics can provide advise or where permitted, produce the following documents required in special circumstances, for example:


  • Drawbacks

  • Quota Releases

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Forwarding services by Air, Sea and Land as well as related services such as warehousing, distribution, custom brokerage and global logistics management.

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