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At the basis of all our solutions and services is our knowledge and strategies regarding information services. A focal area of the company is the development of e-commerce applications, which will be manageable via both web and EDI. Aster Logistics, as a global logistics service provider, has the right technology platform to offer its clients the analysis and solutions needed to support a multiple supply chain, within the different commodity realities of our customers.


MyAster is the most efficient and immediate way to manage all your shipments in complete autonomy. 

Track, monitor, get visibility with the great advantage of being able to download all your shipping documents whenever you want and from wherever you are.

If you don’t have an account yet just apply immediately by writing to


Aster Logistics allows you to electronically exchange, at an extremely competitive cost, information with all your partners whether they are customers, agents or suppliers. Some of the information that is normally handled via EDI includes:

  • Pre-Alert and shipment data within our global network.

  • Shipping data to and from carriers

  • Electronic documentation with customers

  • Electronic documentation with Customs and other state and local agencies

  • Commercial invoice information

Forwarding services by Air, Sea and Land as well as related services such as warehousing, distribution, custom brokerage and global logistics management.

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