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Underpinning all of our solutions and services is our Information Services strategies and expertise. A key focus for the company is the development of e-commerce applications, which will be both web and EDI enabled. Aster Logistics, as your freight manager, has the right technology platform to provide the business enablers to perform the analysis necessary to support the multiple supply chains within the different brand groups of our customers.


Aster Logistics offers a global multi-modal Track & Trace system, allowing you to track your shipments from the time you book them until the time they are receipted at the final destination. All tracking information is available via the web and can be instantly downloaded to your PC for manipulation, reporting or storage.


We are constantly developing and updating our client technologies and soon will offer Landed Cost and order tracking modules via this web based facility.




Aster Logistics have the ability to cost effectively exchange information electronically with all of our business partners, be they customers or suppliers. Some of the information we exchange currently includes:


  •  Shipment Pre-alert data within our global network.

  •  Shipment data to and from carriers.

  •  Electronic Documentation with Clients.

  •  Electronic Documentation with Customs and other legislative Bodies.

  •  Commercial Invoice Information.




Aster Logistics has the ability to communicate, present reports and e-documents utilizing web based technologies.

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