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Hand Carry Service

Fast, efficient and reliable

Cargo divided into two luggages, duly packed, both containing Air Tags in order to keep cargo monitored constantly and tracked in case of delay or lost by the airline.

Onboard Courier (OBC) choice among Aster Logistics excellent services

Last summer Aster Logistics Milan got involved in an urgent import shipment coming from PVG Airport (Shanghai) and meant to be delivered in Taormina, Sicily for a photo shooting which was already taking place since days.

The cargo was composed by fashion accessories essential to perform the set of photographs supposed to be finished after few days.

The most safe and fastest solution was to arrange customs import formalities by reliable Aster custom broker in order to speed up procedure and then rearrange the delivery to Taormina by Aster Logistic personnel as Onboard courier ensuring in that way the arrival of the goods timely and safely at destination. Aster personnel brought shipment to the door at customer’s hotel where an international photography agency was anxiously waiting.

The arrival in Taormina at the hotel, before the delivery to the photographer and the Proof of Delivery signing.

What are the advantages of Hand Carry Transport?

Hand Carry Service Benefits:

  • Quick quoting

  • More cost-effective than air charters

  • Domestic and international services available

  • Flight schedule and active global flight monitoring

  • Continuous and proactive information flow

  • Local knowledge, local languages

  • Personal door to door delivery

Nowadays, the range of industries that can benefit from Hand Carry courier service is becoming broader. It comprises Life & Health and MedTech as well as Aviation & Aerospace, Machinery & Components, Automotive, Fashion and High-Tech.

For your most time-critical packages, you need a hand delivery service partner you can trust. When you choose Aster Logistics as your partner you’ll enjoy hand-carry service that comes with tailor made, expert touch of a reliable and experienced global logistics provider.


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